Replacement & Pass Protection Tickets

Replacement Passes.
If you have lost your Wessex StarCard apply for a replacement pass here. This is a one-off charge per replacement pass ordered.

Pass Protection.
With pass protection you can insure your StarCard against loss or damage. If your Wessex Starcard becomes lost or stolen, we can hotlist your pass so that no one else can use it and send you a replacement pass free of charge.

With pass protection no matter how many times your pass is lost we will replace it for you without further charges. Pass protection must be purchased at the same time as your pass order and is valid for the period of pass you purchase at this time.

Mobile Phone App ticket problems.
If you are experiencing problems with your Wessex Mobile App ticket, please email with your mobile number, full name, email address and a description of the problem. Find out more about our ticket app here.


Pass Protection
Pass Protection is a once-off charge which provides added security to those purchasing Wessex StarCard passes. With pass protection lose your card on three occasions and we will replace it for you without further charges. Must be purchased at the same time as your pass. Please note if pass protection is purchased without a pass this will automatically generate a replacement pass order.
£30.00Add to Cart
Replacement Pass
Should you not have pass protection, a replacement pass is available to purchase for the £10. This cost covers the administration and shipping costs of your replacement.
£10.00Add to Cart

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