X14 Outbound
UWE Frenchay to City Centre - Express Service Effective 30/01/17
via Limited Stop service via M32 (operates during UWE term time only)

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Timetable valid until Friday 19th May 2017

Service NoX14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14
The Centre070007300740075008000815083008400850090009100920093009400950
Old Market, Bond Street070907390749075908090824083908490858090809180928093809480958
Frenchay, Frenchay Campus072707570807082608380853090209070915092509350945095510051015
Service NoX14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14
The Centre100010151030104511001115113011451200121512301245130013151330
Old Market, Bond Street100810231038105311081123113811531208122312381253130813231338
Frenchay, Frenchay Campus102510401055111011251140115512101225124012551310132513401355
Service NoX14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14
The Centre134514001415143014451500151515301545160016101620163016401650
Old Market, Bond Street135314081423143814531508152315381553160816181628163816481658
Frenchay, Frenchay Campus141014251440145515101525154015581613162816381648165817081718
Service NoX14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14X14
The Centre170017101720173017401750180018101820183018401850190019302000
Old Market, Bond Street170817181728173817481758180818181828183818481858190919392009
Frenchay, Frenchay Campus172817381748175818081818182818381848185819081918192719572027
Service NoX14X14X14X14X14X14X14
The Centre2030210021302200223023002400
Old Market, Bond Street2039210921392209223923090009
Frenchay, Frenchay Campus2057212721572227225723270027

X14 MetroBus Road Works 6th February - 20th May
The next phase of the MetroBus improvement works in Bristol City Centre is due to begin on Monday 6 February. In preparation for these works, the following changes to traffic movements will need to be introduced:

- Vehicles heading from Rupert Street to Park Street and Anchor Road will no longer turn left at Electricity House. Instead they will head straight on along the western section of Colston Avenue (in front of St Mary on the Quay) which will be made two-way

- Vehicles heading from Rupert Street to Baldwin Street will continue to turn left at Electricity House onto the eastern section of Colston Avenue (in front of the White Lion pub) as normal.

- Traffic heading from the eastern section of Colston Avenue will not be able to access the scissor junction. The scissor junction will remain open for traffic heading from Broad Quay and Baldwin Street.