Service 90 Withdrawal



We have tried to bring in competing services to new areas within the Bristol area, in doing so we have put together special offers and ticket prices far below our competition.

In the case of the 90 we have watched the service change over the last couple of years, this has seen a big re-launch in October 2015  and then over the last 12 months the new vehicles introduced have been removed and the frequency of services reduce.

We registered our services to help fill the gaps of the frequency reductions and to introduce lower fares to the area, however within one week our competitor decided they could increase the frequency on the service and as a result flooded the service with buses. In addition to this, since our service 90 has been introduced several of our drivers have been victims of verbal and physical abuse.

In response to the fierce competition from our competitor and continuing daily driver abuse we will remove our service 90 from 22nd July.

We would like to thank those who travelled with us and supported our service 90 during the short time of operation.


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